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मववेकपानंद िनम ियंती मवशेष
सनयपासी कपा गीत (THE SONG OF THE SANNYASIN)
मववेकपानंद की अंग्रेिी कमवतपा ‘द सोंग ऑफ़ सनयपामसन’ कपा सुममत्पानंदन ्नत द्पारपा मकयपा गयपा अनुवपाद
  Wake up the note! the song that had its birth
Far off, where worldly taint could never reach,
In mountain caves and glades of forest deep,
Whose calm no sigh for lust or wealth or fame
Could ever dare to break; where rolled the stream
Of knowledge, truth, and bliss that follows both.
Sing high that note, Sannyasin bold! Say–“Om Tat Sat, Om!”
Strike off thy fetters! Bonds that bind thee down,
Of shining gold, or darker, baser ore;
Love, hate–good, bad–and all the dual throng,
Know, slave is slave, caressed or whipped, not free;
For fetters, though of gold, are not less strong to bind;
Then off with them, Sannyasin bold! Say–“Om Tat Sat, Om!”
Let darkness go; the will-o’-the-wisp that leads With blinking light to pile more gloom on gloom. This thirst for life, for ever quench; it drags
From birth to death, and death to birth, the soul.
He conquers all who conquers self. Know this
And never yield, Sannyasin bold! Say–“Om Tat Sat, Om!”
“Who sows must reap,” they say, “and cause must bring
The sure effect; good, good; bad, bad; and none Escape the law. But whoso wears a form
Must wear the chain.” Too true; but far beyond Both name and form is Atman, ever free.
Know thou art That, Sannyasin bold! Say–“Om Tat Sat, Om! ”
They know not truth who dream such vacant dreams
As father, mother, children, wife, and friend. The sexless Self! whose father He? whose child? Whose friend, whose foe is He who is but One? The Self is all in all, none else exists;
And thou art That, Sannyasin bold! Say–“Om Tat Sat, Om!”
विशिवा / Áजनिरी 2022

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